How can I get help with my meds?


For medication assistance, Riverview accepts walk-ins Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings, 8:30 - 12:00

Please bring the following documentation with you:

  • Picture identification
  • Social Security card, ITIN, or similar
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income (accomplished by providing one or more of the following):
    • Taxes
    • Paycheck stubs
    • Social Security statement
    • Food Stamp letter
  • Connections to safety net clinics for medical and dental care
  • Enrollment in pharmaceutical patient assistance programs through pharmaceutical companies
  • Short term medication assistance at area pharmacies
  • Health education
  • Diabetes testing supplies
  • Medical supplies, including colostomy supplies, adult diapers, medical nutrition therapy, dressings
  • Homeless medication services


Sadly, for many people, good health and affordable health care are hard to come by. The number of uninsured and underinsured is on the rise. Many people don't qualify for Medicaid or other government assistance. They may work, but in jobs that don't offer insurance or that offer coverage at a price they can't afford.

Fortunately, the area’s low-income children and adults have a place to turn for help.

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